The Creative Pattern Book

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Cover to cover Judy Martin covers it all in The Creative Pattern Book. You'll get 27 complete and guaranteed accurate patterns from the world's foremost quilt pattern designer. From the first idea to the last quilting stitch, everything you need is right there in front of you in this colorful volume. Each pattern gives you a big color photo, yardage AND fat quarters, color-coded rotary instructions, at-a-glance quilt requirements, whole quilt diagrams, quilting diagrams, exploded block diagrams, full-size quilting motifs, cutting icons, cross references, pattern ratings, style and color discussion, and clearly written directions.

As if all that is not enough, Judy discusses her sources of inspiration and offers practical tips for each quilt. She points out the best ideas to be gleaned from each quilt so you can begin to take your own quilts to the next level.

Imagine a great quilt book. Now crank that up a notch, and you will come close to The Creative Pattern Book. It is definitely not your ordinary quilt book. It has more pages, more color, more bed-size quilts, more ideas, more fun, more how-tos, and more thorough patterns than the usual quilt book. In short, it has more of everything you want in a quilt pattern book.

This is a high-demand out of print book and is not discounted.

    Author: Judy Martin

    Publisher: Crosley-Griffith

    Publishing Date: 2000

    Cover: Paperback

    Pages: 176

    Condition: Like new. Pre-owned.