Martelli Storage Pod Large

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This versatile Large Storage Pod Template is the perfect size for your fat quarters and favorite sewing tools and they stitch up super fast and easy!

They're perfect to hold whatever bits & bobs that you have. Create a batch for your kitchen, sewing room, car, garage, bathroom, bedrooms, etc. to hold all of your favorite tools and items. Hang these from a peg board or Command Strips with a sewn on loop. Or add a snap or velcro on one side of the loop so you can easily hang or remove from difficult areas like your car headrest or shower pole.

Try a variety of materials to make them flexible or stiff.  Upholstery & outdoor fabrics, vinyl, faux leather all add substance as well as interfacings like fusible foam and fusible fleece. Or use cotton and batting and quilt your pieces.

If you want to give a really special gift, present it in a Storage Pod - two gifts in one!

14 1/8" W (28 1/4") x 20 1/16". There is a fold along the width so you'll need to at least double that for your fabric.

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