Husqvarna Viking Sensor Q Foot 412597545 - Genuine

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The Sensor Q Foot is used for embroidery and free motion sewing, quilting and embroidery on especially thick or spongy fabrics. Put on the Sensor Q Foot for free-motion Quilting with puffy battings, free-motion and built-in embroidery on fabric with batting, thick terrycloth towels, and when there is a build up of embroidery thread or couched decorative threads.

Fits Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine Models:
Group 7 Models: Brilliance 75Q, Designer Brilliance 80, Designer SE, Designer I USB, Designer I ESS, Designer I, Quilt Designer II, Designer II, Quilt Designer, Designer Diamond, Designer Diamond Royale, Designer Jade 35, Designer Ruby Royale, Designer Sapphire 85, Designer Topaz 20, Designer Topaz 30, Designer Topaz 50, Designer SE, Designer SE Limited Edition, Designer I, II, Opal 690Q, Opal 670, Opal 650, Quilt Designer, Quilt, Designer II, Sapphire 875Q, Sapphire 870, Sapphire 855, Sapphire 850, Sapphire 835, Sapphire 830, Sapphire 930, Sapphire 960Q, Sapphire 965Q, Tribute 140C, Tribute 145C

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