North American Bear Paw

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The North American Bear Paw is a creation born out of Judy Niemeyer's many years of quilt making. The basic idea for it began many years ago with the block used in her Shattered Glass pattern. That block can also be found in her Briar Patch pattern, twisted around over and over to give a spiraling effect, and in her Mariner’s Star pattern, where it is placed in a circle design surrounded by stars. When she created the North American Bear Paw, she took the very same block, designed a new layout, and accented something new: the Bear Paw. The North American Bear Paw pattern was designed using a combination of the foundation paper units from three of her other patterns:

Instructions and yardage requirements are included for the quilt shown on the cover sheet plus the three additional sizes listed in the yardage chart on the back page. If you choose to make a larger quilt you will need to purchase extra foundation papers. 

  • Quilters of any level can use these quilting techniques to create stunning quilts

  • Includes enough foundation papers to complete the layout shown

  • Quilt size: 59 x 71 inches

  • Designed by Judy Niemeyer

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