Bridges in Time: Keepsakes Celebrating the Covered Bridges of Madison County

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Preserved for future generations with a unique wooden covering, the bridges of Madison County were a treasure hidden for more than a century in the heartland of America. Suddenly, through the pgs of The Bridges of Madison County, the Covered Bridges have captured the hearts of romantics around the world. The poems, art, quilts and history in Bridges in Time were written and created out of reverence for the bridges. Well-known artist Mary Courtney has accurately rendered each of the existing bridges in pen and ink. Resident poet Robert Hoskinsons poems tell of the bridges and their lore. The Madison County Historical Society, has graciously allowed the use of exquisite antique quilts from the Museums collection. Nationally recognized quilters Marianne Fons and Liz Porter, with a group of fabric artisans named the Madison County Quilt Company, contributed the folk-art quilt Sampler.

  • 16 poems of lore and history in tribute to the bridges by award-winning poet Rob Hoskinson
  • 33 full-color photos celebrating Madison County Detailed pen and ink illustrations of Madison County's famous bridges
  • 13 featured quilts History of each bridge and of Madison County
  • 4 pgs for personal memories and reflections

    Editor: Becky Wayne Johnston

    Publisher Landauer Books

    Publishing Date: 1995

    Cover: Hardback

    Pages: 64

    Condition: Like-new. Pre-owned. Signed by poet Rob Hoskinson.