Blank Quilting Sumatra Batiks II - 24 fat Quarters

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The Blank Quilting Corporation designs are intended to delight and inspire consumers who appreciate a selection of beautiful and fanciful designs, a bright and lively color palette and quality cotton fabrics that are available at a competitive price." The Sumatra Batik collection follows that exact mantra with its bright and lively color palette. The fabric is 100% cotton and comes in every color of the rainbow that you won't be able to stop staring at. Each pattern within the collection has at least two colors that really complement each other. Whether it has two shades of the same color or two different colors, you can easily mix and match the fabrics for a beautiful piece. 

Artsy leaves, dots, swirls and diamonds give the fabric texture and a graceful touch. With 24 fat quarters in this bundle, there is plenty of fabric to make a bed quilt, a wall quilt or a series of smaller projects like dresses and bags. The bold yellows and oranges are like a fiery sunset while the blue and purple hues are like an ocean breeze. This collection is breathtaking and will make any project visually stunning. 100% cotton.

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