A Bridge to Landscape Quilts

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You are invited on a journey into making landscape quilts and providing a bridge from traditional quiltmaking to scenic interpretation. The author leads you through a series of simple exercises designed to help you really see what you are looking at, to decide which images you favor, and to interpret them in fabric. Various simple quiltmaking techniques are combined in a building-block manner to make a fabric picture. Traditionally pieced blocks, whether sewn by hand or machine, are used to create large areas of a landscape. Sky, water, and land masses are made of these pieced sections, and the wonderful geometric shapes lend a subtle texture. She then shows how to add appliqué shapes and details to the background. In Your First Project, a very simple composition of trees, she takes you step by step through the process, then shows you how to add the 'Wow Factors,' those components that fool the eye into accepting illusion. 80 pages + large pull-out pattern section.

    Author: Mary L. Hackett

    Publisher: American Quilter's Society

    Publication Date: 2004

    Cover: Paperback

    Pages: 80

    Condition: Excellent, like new. Previously owned.