Reuben and the Quilt

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Reuben was ducking strawberries in the truckpatch when his dad got the idea about making a quilt. The whole family would help (even Sadie, who threw the plump red berries). They would make it as beautiful as possible. Then they would sell it at the auction to raise money for an operation needed by their neighbor on the next farm. But the colorful Log Cabin quilt disappears before they have a chance to give it away. This hearty Amish family faces a new adventure! Moss and Good's new collaboration is as rich and lively as their two highly successful earlier books -- Reuben and the Fire and Reuben and the Blizzard.

Author: Merle Good

Artist: P. Buckley Moss

Publisher: Good Books

Publication Date: 1999

Cover: Hardback

Pages: 32

Condition: Like new. Pre-owned.