Moda Migration Jelly Roll

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Migration Jelly Roll by Holly Taylor for Moda. This Moda Jelly Roll contains forty 2 1/2″ x 45″ strips of fabric rolled up and tied in a cute ribbon. Fabric is all new, 100% premium Moda cotton.
Collection description: The leaves are turning their beautiful shades as they start to fall, the air has that crisp fresh scent and feel that reminds us of what is to come. They sky fills with many V formations of ducks and large flocks of geese traveling their long journey to their warmer destination. Along the way the ducks, geese and grouse stop to rest in many of the lakes, ponds and fields, it is truly a sight to see. The pheasants meanwhile continue to take up residence right where they have been all along preparing for the bitter winter to come. They have the strength and adaption to survive and endure the harsh winters of the Midwest.

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