Frivols #12 - Blue Barn

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You are going to fall in LOVE with Moda Frivols! These fun quilt projects with pre-cut fabrics in a collectible tin from Moda. Frivols are all about having fun and variety! We all need to get that creative nudge once in a while and these projects are perfect. They range in a variety of styles, designers, fabrics and patterns. Whether it is piecing something smaller than you are used to, or using fabrics in a color or style you have not sewn with before.

What's included with each frivols tin...
Each Frivol's collectible tin includes a designer quilt pattern and special pre-cut fabrics which will include a custom assortment specific to the small quilt project included (not your normal pre-cuts). Each Frivol Kit features a designer "Block Maker Card" along with their favorite quote or saying and something a bit frivolous from time to time.

Frivols #12 - Blue Barn

  • Collectible tin measuring 7.5" X 4.5"
    - 42 - 7" x 7" squares of Blue Barn by Laundry Basket Quilts
    - Classic quilt pattern (finished size 15" X 35")
    - A bonus Frivol or two . . .
  • Finishing Kit (included)
    Binding - 3/8 yard
    Backing - 5/8 yard